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Our wine releases are a unique collaboration between Singular Society, Budbreak and Winefinder. We are incredibly proud to make exclusive wine available to our Swedish members through our partners.

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Champagne Dosnon

Champagne Récolte Noire NV (3 bottles)

1.635:- / case

About two hours drive from the city of Reims is Champagnes southernmost subregion Côte des Bar. Here we also find the most exciting growers right now, including Davy Dosnon, who has 7.5 hectares of vineyards. Before Davy succeeded in acquiring his own vineyards in Champagne, he worked in Burgundy for a long time. The experience from this is clearly reflected in his Champagne making process, and it is not for nothing that his wines are often referred to as ”bubbling better Chablis”. Part of the reason is that the soil in Dosnons vineyards, calcareous kimmeridgian clay, is almost identical to the soil in Chablis. Of course he also ferments his champagnes in Burgundian oak barrels!

Récolte Noir Brut is made from 100 percent pinot noir from vines with an average age of just over 25 years. The finished wine is a mixture of different vintages, a so-called multi vintage, where around 30 percent are older reserve wines. Fermentation takes place in oak barrels from Puligny-Montrachet and the wine spends a total of 24 months on the lees before bottling. Brut in this case means that the champagne is bottled with a residual sweetness of a careful 5 grams per liter. The finished wine was disgorged, that is, the moment when the final cork is put in the bottle, on June 6, 2022.


Montalcino exclusive!

Directly from the celebrated Caprili Estate in Montalcino. This Singular Society exclusive is a limited edition release in our House Wine Collection for our members.


Az. Agr. Caprili

Caprili Montalcino Mix Case (6 bottles)

1.596:- / case

The wines
The Tuscan cult producer Caprili has been making wine in southwestern Montalcino since 1965 and is considered one of the pioneers in the region. Today, the estate is managed by the young Giacomo Bartolommei, who, in recent years, has further elevated the quality of the wines through meticulous work in the vineyards, where the oldest vines were planted in the 1960s. The case includes 2 bottles each of Brunello di Montalcino 2018, Caprili Rosso di Montalcino 2022 and the white Tabernam 2020.

The Caprili Brunello di Montalcino is made from one hundred percent Sangiovese. After 25 days of slow maceration, the wine is transferred to cement tanks for malolactic fermentation. Subsequently, the wine rests in large oak barrels of various sizes for at least 30 months before being bottled for an additional year of aging. The 2018 vintage is an elegant one, and the wine has already begun to reveal traces of aging aromas. Think cherries gently spiced with violet, licorice, and eucalyptus. There are also subtle notes of orange peel and perhaps some holiday spices. The taste is slim, soft, and lingering. We suggest pairing this with grilled chicken with herb butter and a well-dressed green salad.

Rosso wines are sometimes called mini-Brunellos because they are aged for a shorter time in oak barrels and typically come from younger vineyards. In other words, a Sangiovese wine crafted for earlier consumption, showcasing more primary fruit flavors than barrel aging. Caprili ferments its Rosso di Montalcino for three weeks and then ages it in large "botti" for nine months. In the glass, youll find heaps of cherries in various shades, harmonizing with lively acidity and an overall abundance of energy! Goes excellent with Neapolitan pizza or your favorite pasta.

The white wine Tabernam is made from the Vermentino grape. In contrast to the red wines, Tabernam has been aged in small oak barrels, known as barriques, for ten months before further maturation in the bottle. The result is both aromatic and full-bodied without becoming overly weighty. The fruit leans towards the yellow spectrum with hints of plums and honey, but there are also refreshing acids and a peppery quality characteristic of Vermentino. Brilliantly paired with a saffron-infused risotto Milanese!



Celler Entre Vinyes

Cava Brut Nature 2019 (6 bottles)

870:- / case

Naturally made from organic grapes in the driest style you can imagine – Brut Nature Reserva, which means the sugar content is equal to 0 grams. Despite the absence of dosage, the wine has a radiant fruitiness that meets and balances the pure singing acids. Elegant and crisp, with a good mid-range that lifts yellow citrus, pepper, and light flowers.

All sparkling wines can be stored longer than you think, but when it comes to this wine, there´s nothing to wait for. Freshness is what we´re after, and it´s even more evident if you serve it in an elegant white wine glass with a collector´s opening. The aftertaste lingers surprisingly long and leaves us with a lingering mineral saltiness that goes well with salty snacks. Perfect for all types of salty pinxtos! In other words, everything we want from our go-to everyday bubbles.



Giovanni Almondo

Roero Arneis DOCG 2022 (6 bottles)

1.194:- / case

When we found the cool grape arneis and a passionate grower named Giovanni Almondo we knew we had hit the spot. The Almondo family lives in Montà in the northern part of Roero, which is part of Piedmont. Here, in the sandy soils, the otherwise fairly hard-grown green grape arneis thrives. Over the years, Giovanni has become an expert in producing crispy and mineral-driven white wines from various vineyard locations. Our wine comes from a six-hectare vineyard with older vines called Bricco delle Ciliegie. The age of the vines along with the soil provides a mix of elegant citrus perfume, mineral salt, hazelnuts and refreshing acids. The vineyard where the grapes grow is located about 400 meters above sea level and the soil here consists of 60% sand, 25% clay and 15% limestone. After harvesting, pressing and fermentation, the wine is stored for 10 months in a 95% steel tank and 5% unroasted barriques, so as not to "color" the wine in any way. The oak barrels help to round off the acid in the wine a bit.

Roero Arneis is an all-round wine. In Piedmont, the wine is often served as an aperitif or with classic vitello tonnato. If it is hot outside and the grill is running, we suggest whole dorado, lemon and asparagus. Serve the wine directly from the fridge and let it rise a few degrees in the glass. But if you prefer to wait for it, you could store this type of serious Arneis for a few years as well.



Weingut Dürnberg

Zweigelt 2020 (6 bottles)

870:- / case

Many of the best red European wines of the future will be found in cooler regions. Austria is a country we’ve had our eyes on for a long time, but it’s mostly been about white wines. At the producer Dürnberg in the Weinviertel region, we came across a wine made from the blue grape Zweigelt. Aromatically, it´s a cherry festival with ripe and sour berries interlaced with a nice spiciness. The taste is elegant and light on its feet but surprisingly long-lasting. We prefer to drink this after a stint in the fridge, so the temperature reaches around 17-18 degrees Celsius. Serve in large cups, the same as you would use for Pinot Noir, preferably with a homemade Caesar salad with grilled chicken. It also works perfectly as a kitchen wine while you cook.

Dürnberg Winery is one of the wine estates that have been pioneering the development of a “new Weinviertel style”. Winemaker Christoph Körner is a Weinviertel native with heart and soil – who proves with every new vintage that Austria’s most undiscovered wine-growing area has incredible potential.



Weingut Dürnberg

Grüner Veltliner 2021 (6 bottles)

1.110:- / case

Austria´s green national grape is undoubtedly Grüner Veltliner, but it´s not often that it comes in such a beautiful package! And we can thank producer Dürnberg´s old vines for that. As the vine gets older, it produces fewer grapes, but in return, the grape must become more concentrated and deep. Along with aging on the lees for six months, partly in old oak barrels and partly in steel tanks, the result is phenomenal! In addition to the classic aromas of grapefruit, white pepper, and citrus, there’s also a lovely minerality. It is especially noticeable in the taste where it contributes coolness and chalky stone character. A wine that actually gets even better with any flatfish of your choice, beurre blanc, and haricots verts. Drink immediately or store for a couple of years if you have the opportunity.

Dürnberg Winery is one of the wine estates that have been pioneering the development of a “new Weinviertel style”. Winemaker Christoph Körner is a Weinviertel native with heart and soil – who proves with every new vintage that Austria’s most undiscovered wine-growing area has incredible potential.



Weingut Dürnberg

Pét Nat Grüner Veltliner NV (6 bottles)

1.194:- / case

Party bubbles like no other! Pet Nat is a type of sparkling wine that, as we know, only undergoes one fermentation process in the bottle, unlike Champagne and Cava which undergo two. This difference gives Pet Nat an extremely fruity and juicy character.In this wine, our producer Dürnberg has chosen to work with the favorite grape Grüner Veltliner, a perfect choice to achieve a fruity and invitingly perfumed Pet Nat. It´s a wine to drink immediately once opened, preferably in a festive setting and why not with some salted snacks? In the elegant white wine glass, it has a soft mousse, lively acidity, and cheerful grapefruit notes.

Dürnberg Winery is one of the wine estates that have been pioneering the development of a “new Weinviertel style”. Winemaker Christoph Körner is a Weinviertel native with heart and soil – who proves with every new vintage that Austria’s most undiscovered wine-growing area has incredible potential.



Terre del Barolo

Barolo DOCG 2018 (6 bottles)

1.494:- / case

These wines are exclusively available to members of Singular Society. To find our house red wine, we went to Italy´s most sought after wine region, Piedmont (again :-). Here we teamed up with Piedmont´s best cooperative, Terre del Barolo, to get hold of the best nebbiolo grapes. The grapes included in the wine comes from three growers in three different villages: Serralunga d´Alba, La Morra and Monforte d´Alba – and we know exactly which vineyards the grapes come from. Mixing several different vineyards in your house wine barolo is a traditional way to achieve a good balance. In our first edition, the grapes from La Morra contribute with perfume and elegance, while Monforte and Serralunga stand for strength, structure and roughness. We would like to believe that the wine is peaking right now, but that there also is potential for at least another ten years of storage! Nebbiolo grapes are left to soak with the skin for 20 days to leach out the taste, color and tannins. The wine is then stored in large oak barrels, so-called ”botti”, for at least 18 months. These huge old oak barrels give no taste to the wine but they let the wine breathe gently throughout the storage process. After storage, the wine is bottled where the storage continues until the day you pull out the cork.

Terre Del Barolo is a quality-driven cooperative in Piedmont that consists of 300 winegrowers with over 600 hectares of vineyards. The cooperative has wineries in some of the best locations such as La Morra, Castliglione Falletto and Serralunga d’Alba, which makes it possible to buy high quality wines. Each individual vineyard is vinified individually and 100 percent traceable to each grower. Terre del Barolo also has a good reputation for paying its members well for their grapes.



Vignobles Diffonty

Côte-du-Rhône Villages 2022 (6 bottles)

990:- / case

The Diffonty family is best known for their wines from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which go by the names Chateau Sixtine and Cuvée du Vatican. The property is blessed by the Pope and for a period they supplied the communion wine to The Vatican. The quality took a major leap when Jean-Marc Diffonty took over the helm in the early 1990s. With the help of a new winery, lower harvests and full focus on the best vineyards in Rayas, in La Crau and in Barbe dAsne, the wines have reached new heights and well-deserved high scores.

The wine and the grapes
The grape blend in 2022 Côte-du-Rhône Villages consists of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah. Grenache contributes with fruit and perfume, while Syrah balances with structure and spiciness. The grapes grow in sandy clay soils with elements of limestone and come from older vineyards just outside the border of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. After destemming and fermentation, the wine is stored for 12 months in cement tanks to maintain its freshness.

Food and drink tips
In terms of taste, this wine works just as well for everyday food and the upcoming Christmas table as for strengthening slow cooking. Inviting aroma of cherries, raspberries, licorice and Provencal herbs. Perfectly matched with well-balanced acids and food-friendly structure.


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